Stratec Product Ranges

Stratec® built on over 30 years of direct involvement in the area of geotextiles and erosion control products. Rather than being limited to an individual manufacturing process we source products from all over the world to bring you the most cost effective solution to your geotechnical problem.


Stratec® Woven geotextiles provide a high strength barrier for use between dissimilar substrates. Our products have been used for access roads, car parks and roadways.

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Non Woven

Stratec® non-woven geotextiles are manufactured from needlepunched polypropylene fabrics which will allow the transmission of high volumes of water whilst forming a flexible durable geotextile with high filtration properties.

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Stratec® Liners provide an impervious barrier between dissimilar substrates. Our products have been used for lagoons, overflow ponds, gas barriers, reedbeds and landfill projects.

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Erosion Control

Stratec® Erosion control products have been designed to help prevent erosion on slopes / embankments and also help establish vegetation in difficult areas.

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Stratec® offer a comprehensive range of Asphalt reinforcement products to deal with some of the most demanding problems engineers face today in dealing with reflective cracking.

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Stratec® Grids are used in similar situations to geotextiles. The structure of the grids being manufactured with large apertures allows the larger stone to lock into these providing far superior slip plane resistance.

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