Erosion Control Biodegradable and Permanent


Erosion is a subject which can affect many projects. With the UK’s differing weather patterns, erosion can damage and contaminate watercourses quickly and cause contamination often significant distances from the point of where the event occurred. We help by providing design led solutions to prevent this happening thereby saving the client and the contractor valuable resources.

Environmental Considerations

Our commitment to the environmental markets includes numerous solutions wherever there is a need to protect the environment from contamination. Typical uses for our solutions include; landfills, agricultural works, storm water attenuation areas, storage ponds and leachate lagoons in mine works erosion control and silt contamination prevention.

Build client trust

Our clients want reassurance that our solutions are high-quality and robust; they rely upon us to prevent failure onsite and that is what we cherish most.

Meeting client-specific goals

From our broad portfolio of solutions, we combine our knowledge and products into systems, to meet client requirements. Furthermore, with a flexible and extensive sourcing capability, we can customise products to suit specific projects.

Protecting you from pollution

We have significant experience in the development of integrated designs for the containment or protection of polluted facilities or areas. Our capability is based upon our experience in waterproofing, drainage systems and an extensive existing knowledge of geotechnical stability applications.

Our depth of experience

Experience gained since 1976 over a vast number of projects provides our clients with the confidence that we can advise and design a solution to meet their requirement within budget.

Make Ground Good

Our products and designs enable our clients to make unusable ground useable which helps the environment help itself that’s why we call it make ground good.


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