You asked- We answer Number 2 How are geotextiles used?

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Geotextiles generally are always used on top of the formation level with stone laid on top. Geotextiles act as a barrier to help create a raft to avoid punching in of the stone into the layers beneath. Sometimes multiple layers are used to build up layers which will reinforce the gound within each layer.

Geotextiles are synthetic materials used in various applications within the construction and civil engineering fields. They are permeable fabrics made from polyester, polypropylene, or other polymer materials. Geotextiles offer a range of physical and mechanical properties that make them suitable for diverse construction purposes. Here are some common uses of geotextiles in construction and civil engineering:

  1. Separation: Geotextiles can be used to separate different soil layers, such as separating the subgrade from the base course or separating aggregate layers. By preventing the mixing of different soil types, geotextiles maintain the integrity and functionality of each layer, enhancing the overall stability of the construction.
  2. Filtration and Drainage: Geotextiles act as filters by allowing water to pass through while retaining soil particles. They are often used in drainage systems, such as French drains, to facilitate the flow of water while preventing the migration of fine particles. Geotextiles can also be employed in erosion control applications, preventing soil loss while allowing water to pass through.
  3. Reinforcement: In areas with weak or unstable soil, geotextiles can be used to reinforce the ground. By distributing loads and reducing soil settlement, geotextiles improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil. This reinforcement is commonly used in road construction, embankments, and retaining walls.
  4. Erosion Control: Geotextiles are utilized in erosion control applications to stabilize slopes, riverbanks, and shorelines. They prevent soil erosion by acting as a protective barrier, preventing the scouring effect of flowing water and promoting vegetation growth.
  5. Pavement Overlay: Geotextiles are often used in pavement overlay applications to mitigate reflective cracking. By placing a geotextile layer between the existing pavement and the new overlay, it helps to distribute stresses and minimize crack propagation.
  6. Environmental Protection: Geotextiles play a crucial role in environmental protection applications, such as landfill liners and covers. They act as a barrier, preventing the migration of contaminants while allowing for proper leachate collection and drainage.

Overall, geotextiles provide a versatile and cost-effective solution in construction and civil engineering projects. They enhance the performance, durability, and sustainability of structures while addressing various geotechnical challenges.

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