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Stratec has consulted on and provided materials for a wide range of projects, both nationally and internationally. We have knowledge and experience in everything from Silt Control to Geotechnical Engineering and Suds Ponds to Ground Separation. Discover what makes us experts in geotechnical products and applications. 

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Kinnitty Mountain Bike Trail Ireland

We were contacted by Kinnitty Mountain Bike Trails LTD for assistance with a project in 2020. They were building an 80km bike trail. Parts of the trail covered extremely marshy ground which needed to be...

Bam Nuttal Shetland HVDC Substation

BAM, working on the Shetland HVDC Substation project needed to provide reinforcement to an area of around 4000sqm to create a temporary settlement pond, along with a floating road constructed across a Peat...

Bam Nuttal Blackhillock Sub Station

Blackhillock Substation forms part of a major reinforcement to the transmission network serving the north of Scotland. This is required to enable the proposed wind, wave and tidal generation sites to connect...

South of the City Case Study

South of the City School

Stratec was approached by David Smith Contractors for assistance with the groundwork preparations for the development of a new school in Aberdeen....

South Cathkin Case Study

South Cathkin Landfill Site

Stratec were called on to help with the South Cathkin Landfill site in Glasgow. It occupies a total of 144 hectares and has been operational since the year 2000....

Prime four business case study

Prime Four Business Park

Part of this project was located on an old landfill site. This resulted in weak ground in several areas and in some instances small voids that had to be traversed....

Melgarve substation case study

Melgarve Substation

We were contacted by the main contractor for the project to build a sustainable detention basin for a pumping station. The substation was in a very remote location, with a 5-mile-long access road....

Blackfordby Balancing Ponds Case Study

Blackfordby Balancing Ponds

Stratec were brought on to this Project to provide liners for two balancing ponds for the nearby housing development. The balancing ponds were to act as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) to...

A75 Duimfries improvements case study

A75 Dumfries Improvements Phase 2

We were called in to deal with soil erosion issues and to help with previous failed remediation attempts. There was significant silt formation, polluted water, embankment erosion and lack of vegetation, which...

A47 Friday Bridge case study

A47 Guyhirn

Stratec were called in to assist on this project for remedial works required to stabilise the slope off the A47 in Cambridgeshire....

Cl Warren Runcorn Case study

Bloor Homes Runcorn Silt Fencing

We were contacted by CL Warren to review their Runcorn site, write a report, and suggest materials. They needed assistance with silt management and contamination....

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