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Our consultancy-led ethos delivers ground quality solutions for applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, landfills, bank protection, coastal engineering, car parks, landfill and sustainable urban drainage systems.

Ground Reinforcement & Separation

The problems:

At Stratec, we understand the challenges posed by soft ground and the potential risks of sub-base and sub-grade intermixing. These issues can lead to compromised accessibility and unstable ground conditions, which can be both frustrating and costly.

How We Help

That’s where our ground reinforcement and separation solutions come into play. We offer innovative approaches to tackle these problems head-on, providing reliable and effective strategies to make your ground good again.

Our ground reinforcement techniques involve the strategic placement of reinforcing elements on the sub-grade. By fortifying the underlying soil, we create a robust foundation that enhances ground stability and load-bearing capacity. Whether it’s for a construction site, an access road, or any other application, our proven solutions ensure that even the softest ground becomes reliable and supportive.

In addition to ground reinforcement, our separation applications involve the utilization of high-quality woven or non-woven geotextiles. These geotextiles act as indispensable separators, preventing undesirable mixing between the sub-base and sub-grade. By establishing a clear delineation, we eliminate the formation of soft patches and maintain the integrity of your ground infrastructure.

Stratec’s expertise in ground engineering has been time-tested, and our track record speaks for itself. We have consistently delivered exceptional results, enabling our clients to overcome ground challenges and achieve their project goals. With our reliable advice and effective solutions, you can rest assured that your ground-related concerns will be expertly addressed.

Remember, at Stratec, we don’t just solve problems; we transform them into opportunities. Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about making ground good. Trust us to provide the inspiration and innovative solutions you need to ensure the stability, accessibility, and success of your projects.

As always, Stratec’s advice and solutions have been proven to perform.

  • Asphalt reinforcement for highways and roads
  • Haul roads for wind farm construction
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Basal reinforcement
  • Roadway sub-base reinforcement
  • Steep slope stabilisation
  • Reinforcement for retail parks, car parks and access roads

Effective Erosion Control

The problem: The challenge of erosion poses a significant threat to the environment, especially in the United Kingdom with its unpredictable weather patterns. This natural process can result in the pollution of nearby rivers and bodies of water, endangering the well-being of both wildlife and human populations.

How we Help:

At Stratec, we are dedicated to addressing this pressing issue by offering tailored erosion control solutions for construction sites. Our mission is to safeguard the sustainability of your site while mitigating the risks associated with erosion.

With our expertise and innovative approaches, we can identify and implement the most suitable erosion control measures to protect your project from the adverse effects of erosion. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to not only prevent the rapid contamination of watercourses but also minimize the spread of pollutants over significant distances.

Stratec, are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to develop a customized erosion control strategy that aligns with your project’s unique requirements. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can ensure that your site remains environmentally responsible, preserving the integrity of nearby water sources and minimizing harm to wildlife.

Choose Stratec to safeguard the sustainability of your construction site and contribute to a healthier ecosystem. Let us demonstrate how we can “make ground good,” protecting the environment while promoting the well-being of all those who depend on it. Contact us today and take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

  • Revegetation of slopes and embankments
  • Protection of vulnerable ground
  • Minimising silt formation/run off

Contaminated Ground, Waste & Landfill

The problem:

The challenge at hand is the urgent need for developers to rehabilitate contaminated land in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990, following the government’s recent policy amendments facilitating accelerated planning for brownfield sites.

How we make a difference:

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability, coupled with our remarkable expertise in consultancy services and innovative geotextile products, empowers you to effectively isolate and manage contaminated ground. Through our unwavering dedication, we pave the way for secure and compliant developments, ensuring that the transformation of previously tainted land becomes an inspiring opportunity.

At our core, we embody the spirit of “making ground good,” as it encapsulates our unwavering pursuit of excellence. It serves as a guiding light, inspiring us to transcend conventional boundaries, and enables us to instigate a positive change that extends far beyond the surface. By harnessing our passion for sustainability, we deliver superior results as the norm, fostering a brighter, healthier future for all.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey to revitalize contaminated ground. Through our cutting-edge consultancy services, we offer insightful guidance tailored to your unique needs. With a meticulous approach and a wealth of experience, we leverage our expertise to navigate the complexities of remediation, ensuring the safe and compliant development of previously compromised land.

Moreover, our exceptional geotextile products serve as the foundation for sustainable progress. These innovative solutions empower you to effectively separate and manage contaminants, mitigating risks and unlocking the full potential of brownfield sites. By seamlessly integrating sustainability into every aspect of our work, we not only create remarkable results but also inspire others to follow suit, setting a new standard in responsible development.

With our unwavering dedication to sustainability and an unyielding commitment to achieving superb end results, we go above and beyond in transforming contaminated ground into a thriving landscape. Our consultancy services, bolstered by cutting-edge geotextile products, stand as a testament to our passion for excellence. Together, we make a difference, ensuring that every development we undertake is not just compliant, but also enhances the environment and enriches the communities we serve.

Choose us as your trusted partner, and let us join forces to “make ground good” – a rallying call to ignite positive change, inspire sustainable development, and create a future where contaminated land blooms anew.

  • Indicator Geotextiles
  • Containment of Contaminated Ground

Highways & Rail

The problems: Network upgrades and remedial work on roads create the need to prevent erosion on embankments while drainage ditches along new highways need help to allow vegetation to establish.

How we help: Our track-bed construction applications typically cover separation to prevent the sub-base and sub-grade intermixing as well as provide filtration and drainage management. We can source and supply fully approved products.

We understand the demands of your project. We’re here to help.

  • Soil stabilisation
  • Reinforced soil slopes
  • Erosion control on embankments and acoustic bunds

Embankment / Slope Stabilisation

The problem: Without stabilising the slope and controlling erosion, developments for new residential areas, roads and railways or reservoirs are vulnerable to erosion from surface water runoff (especially in the early stages until vegetation is firmly established).

How we help: We deliver essential embankment stabilisation by reinforcing the resistance and stability of soils to preserve the integrity of a slope or embankment. This is especially important around watercourses and drainage channels).

Browse our case studies to explore examples of stabilisation projects.

  • Railway embankments
  • Road and motorway embankments
  • Residential developments

Geotechnical Engineering

The problem: This vital branch of civil engineering involves the analysis, design, and construction of foundations, retaining structures and groundworks.

How we help: We assist professionals like you by offering expertise in the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of both soil and rock and, by assessing field data, engineering ways to sustainably stabilise foundations and slopes.

To find out more simply tell us about your next project.

  • Stabilisation of ground
  • Ground reinforcement
  • Separation

Tree Root Protection

The problem: Trees are often overlooked during development and, as a result, many are given inadequate protection resulting in their demise within a few years. 

How we help: We help protect against tree root damage, a major cause of long term issues, on your site meaning a more sustainable project. Where Tree Preservation Orders exist we recommend early consultation to find the right on-site solution.

Most of all, we provide expert and customised solutions for your site.

  • Poisoning of roots from spillage, or storage of chemicals (typically oil and fuel on development/construction sites) and any other potentially noxious materials
  • Damage to roots by vehicles / plant equipment and / or storage of building materials
  • Cutting and removal of roots by excavation

Silt Control

The problem: Anyone operating a sustainable construction site is responsible for making sure silt, sediment and erosion problems are minimised in order to negate the environmental impact of a project.

How we help: Our silt control and erosion control expertise will prevent sediment, ie soil, silt, sand, mud or clay disturbed by construction works or weather from flowing into nearby waterways and impacting the environment.

Avoiding the risk of a pollution fine starts by examining our solutions.

  • Silt fence – trenched into the ground to divert or filter surface water runoff
  • Silt curtain – placed in water to control, block or absorb sediment which reaches waterways
  • Sediment mat – placed in traps or ditches to catch sediment as it drops out of suspension in water

Suds Ponds & Water Storage

The problem: Land developers must provide suitable water runoff systems capable of reducing the risk of flooding associated with traditional drainage systems.

How we help: Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) developed with our help are designed to mimic nature and often use installations of Geotextiles and Geomembranes alongside the installation of vegetation to help retain and slow surface water run-off.

It’s never too early to discuss your project. Simply contact our experts.

  • Flood risk inside and outside the development
  • Peak and volume control
  • Structural integrity
  • Designing for maintenance considerations

Sea / Flood Defences

The problem: As a planning applicant, you may well need to carry out a flood risk assessment for most developments and particularly those within a flood zone.

How we help: We’ll consult, advise and supply products from sandbags and bulk bags through to heavy-duty geotextile for construction works under heavy-duty revetments and remediation works

Our proven flood defence specialism is trusted by UK professionals.

  • Flood risk inside and outside the development
  • Peak and volume control
  • Structural integrity
  • Designing for maintenance considerations
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Silt Control

Watercourse Remediation

The problem: Embankments of canals and rivers can erode and wash away due to high levels of fast water and cause flooding, silt formation and significant damage to bridges and walls.

How we help: Stratec watercourse remediation involves supporting the restructuring and improvement in the layout of fast-flowing or dangerous waterways allowing the natural growth of vegetation and introduction of wildlife.

Speak to our team to discuss your project. We’re here to help.

  • Reinforcement of embankments
  • Divert watercourses for developments
  • Flood risk minimisation
  • Environmental protection

Proven Sustainable Solutions

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