How to avoid or overcome poor ground conditions

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Heavy rain can create real challenges on construction sites. Adverse weather can make the ground too wet to work on, having implications on worker safety and potentially even halting work, impacting programme timings or costings.

To limit the impact of wet weather through the winter months, soil reinforcements can be installed. These stabilize the ground, controlling deformation of the soil and limiting the risk of sinking or rutting.

Popular solutions for this is the use of Geotextiles. They reinforce the ground’s tensile strength, improving its ability to resist the force of the elements and heavy traffic or loading.

A number of solutions are available depending on a site’s particular challenges or requirements, covering reinforcement, drainage, separation or sealing:

Maintaining the ground’s natural form – Geogrids and/or Woven or Non-woven Geotextiles

Where ground must retain its natural form throughout or following works, Geogrids and Woven or Non-woven Geotextiles provide reinforcement for soil and vegetation. Geogrids are a slimline, flexible polymer used to line areas requiring reinforcement. Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which work to separate, filter or drain water runoff, reinforcing the ground’s strength by allowing water to run through soils, rather than carry it away.

Creating stable foundations for structures – Geosynthetics

Where ground is to be built upon Geosynthetics can be used to stabilize and reinforce the soils, making way for paved areas, traffic routes or structures. They can also be used on natural ground on construction sites where the soil is particularly weak or susceptible to adverse weather conditions.

Ensuring drainage capacity – Geotextiles

To ensure or promote drainage, Geotextiles provide passage for water runoff, ensuring ground does not become flooded or eroded. As above, Geotextiles are permeable, allowing water to pass through ground without causing erosion.

Preventing pollution and containing or separating areas – Geomembranes and/or Geosynthetic Clay liners

To separate areas or protect the ground and surrounding land and watercourses from pollution, Geomembranes or clay liners act as a protective barrier. These impermeable sheets capture or divert soil waste, ensuring it does not reach or harm biodiversity or destabilise other areas of ground. They are useful for protecting ground from soil waste, spillages or flooding, and the associated risks of pollution. And by creating a barrier between different elements or materials, these solutions maintain separation between, and the integrity of, different areas.

Meeting multiple requirements – Geocomposites

Where there are multiple challenges or requirements of the ground, Geocomposites offer versatility. Geocomposites combine two products to deliver multiple benefits. For example, a combination can support containment of a body of water while capturing silt or sediment to prevent pollution moving from or to the water.

Geotechnical solutions prevent lateral movement from heavy loads or excessive stress from weather, limiting the volume of soil which can be displaced by water runoff and ensuring stronger grounds on which to work.

Where poor ground conditions can have a serious impact on construction works – causing hazards, costs or delays – planning for wet weather is essential. Identifying the right solutions is key to mitigating unsafe conditions, delays or unexpected costs.

Stratec are experts in geotechnical products and solutions. Speak to us today for more information and advice on preventing poor ground conditions.


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