Inverness West Link Bypass Phase 2

  • Application: Ground reinforcement, Highways
  • Market: Transportation
  • Product: Bentonite Liner, Geocell
  • Main Contractor: RJ McLeod
  • Location: Inverness

The Brief

RJ McLeod Inverness approached us with a requirement for pond liners and a drainage ditch to be constructed adjacent to the new road with relatively steep embankments. Additionally, they wanted the quick establishment of the landscaping for the site.

Our Approach

In Phase 1 of this 2-part project, we supplied a polymer-based liner with specialist anchoring facilities for the Geocell to retain its position. They initially wanted to use the same products for the second phase. However, we reviewed the project specification and suggested using a Bentonite Liner with a Geocell on top and stainless-steel J-pins instead.

The Bentonite Liner is comparatively far easier to lay and does not require a specialist installation team or specialist welding equipment like polymer liners do. The Bentonite Liner is a self-sealing membrane, which overcame the issue we encountered previously of being unable to puncture the polymer liner with the pins. This also meant they could be installed on the steep embankments in less time and without the need for taping or onsite welding.

We followed this by adding a layer of Geocell on top of the Bentonite Liner. The Geocell provided an open cell structure to ensure that the soil layer is even over the entire surface area and would not wash away into the drainage ditch. This allowed the vegetation to establish quickly, which in turn results in less erosion and flooding.

We also used stainless steel J-pins instead of standard steel ones because the client was concerned about the standard pins rusting in the future, therefore promoting longevity in the installation.

The Outcome

Our suggestions for different products and techniques enhanced the success of the entire project and improved its longevity.

The choice of using the Bentonite Liner meant faster and easier installation and reduced costs due to the fact they did not need any specialist equipment or personnel. This resulted in a cheaper and more efficient process.

We were able to establish vegetation on the site in a much shorter time due to the use of the geocell, in this project it took just nine months. The Geocell also improves the quality and durability of the installation by preventing soil erosion.

We were called in to deal with soil erosion issues and to help with previous failed remediation attempts. There was significant silt formation, polluted water, embankment erosion and lack of vegetation, which…
RJ McLeod Inverness approached us with a requirement for pond liners and a drainage ditch to be constructed adjacent to the new road with relatively steep embankments. Additionally, they wanted the quick…

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