A Geogrid is a geosynthetic membrane used in the reinforcement of soil and other similar materials. Geogrids are tough, flexible and can withstand heavy loads. They are commonly used in applications such as car parks, roads, paths, and building structures.


A Geogrid is a geosynthetic typically made from polymer material is used for reinforcement and separation.

Geogrids consist of connected parallel sets of tensile ribs which are strong in tension and can transport force over a large area of the material, which makes then useful in increasing strength of installations.

They can be woven or knitted from yarns, heat-welded from strips of material, or produced by punching a regular pattern of holes in sheets of material, then stretched into a grid.

  • Reinforcement of soil for walls
  • Steep embankments and slopes
  • Roadway Bases
  • Foundation soils

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